Shredding service is mainly used only when you have a big occasional lot of a paper that you want to get rid of fast and economically, well that’s just what our customers expect from us.

Shredding is an important safeguard against data and intellectual property theft, Just imagine your ideas easily falling in the hands of your competitors. Or your client list or contacts falling into wrong hands. Secure your confidential information with shredding by SASCO. Well it just doesn’t end there, we ensure that your shredded papers are sent directly to paper mill for pulping. Thus the shredded papers are again completely destroyed and your contribution to environment protection registered effectively.

Our shredders tear through documents, staples, paperclips, plastic cards, even CDs and DVDs, reducing them to ineligible strips. There are absolutely no limits on the size or quantity of materials you can call for shredding.

Destroying sensitive information in a safe, secured environment is SASCO's sole purpose. As a reasonably old business, you can trust that SASCO to serve you as and when required, we’re sure that you will not prefer anybody else! We are here to serve you promptly, anytime, anywhere always!

SASCO Paper Shredding has a wide variety of professional destruction services available to meet your needs including On-Site Document Shredding, Off-Site Document Shredding, Hard Drive Destruction and more! All of our shredding services are completed with the same level of security and expertise, for your safety. SASCO provides a variety of fast, professional personnel to meet your high expectations. We'll pick up your documents at your site, load them into our truck and transport them to our protected facility where they will be shredded. You can also send your official to supervise the shredding.

We can destroy your hard drives to ensure that your information will not get into the wrong hands and to keep you compliant. We can destroy them in your office with our Hard Drive Shredder.

Do you have CD’s, DVD’s, Magnetic Back-Up Tapes, and Flash Media like Cell Phones or Tablets that you need securely destroyed? We can also take care of these types of media at our facility.