Shred it

You’re going to have a lot of papers for shredding occasionally, the office shredder that you have is small, we offer a very economical solution – Onsite shredding service

If you have unwanted papers, a very large lot that you want to get rid of quickly just shred it all with our industrial shredder, ouronsite shredding services is an efficient and safe way to get rid of all paper scrap, nowwill you rely on your neighbourhood raddiwala?
Of course not!
Call SASCO for an economical solution, not only papers but we have equipment for shredding optical media as well including CDs, floppies (if any!) cassettes and even computer hard drives.We are professional dedicated shredding service company having equipment that can shred from 100 kgs per hour to 5000 kgs per hour all designed to shred non-stop and do the job fast with complete security. At the end of the day, your customers, your employees, your reputation and your success depend on it. So now If you have data on any medium we can shred it safe fast and for free!
Portable Machine Specifications used for Rental/Shredding service  
1. Opening – 17 inches
2. Capacity – 50 sheets together with staples and clips
3. Motor – Single phase normal plug
4. Size – almost as big as a washing machine
5. Weight – 150 kgs.
6. Usage – Non-stop, no cooling
7. Per day shredding – 300-500 files
8. Sheets shredding- 1,50,000 A4 sheets/day
9. Machine on wheels
10. Single/Double operator.