Paper shredding

No place to keep current records and if excess paper is taking over your valuable office space, then it's time for an office cleanup. As a premier shredding company since in business since the last two decades, we strive to help individuals and businesses alike achieve cleaner, more eco-friendly offices using effective shredding technology.  
If you are a retired professional or an artist, lawyer, scientist, actor, sportsman, big business man or just an ordinary man, can you afford to get others handling your discarded personal/professional documents?

Of course not! And our services is not just for businesses

Then you need to call us and schedule a shredding service of your old accumulated files which you no longer require. Increased security risks make personal document shredding a must, it is our business that to give you exactly that security. We work with high capacity shredders to destroy your old documents fast and safely for good so that information never falls into the wrong hands. In addition to this shredding the shredded papers is sent to directly to paper mills for pulping thus giving you double guarantee.

Our commercial paper shredding services is used by almost all big companies in Mumbai, along with this we also offer hard drive destruction and On-site shredding.

Our highly experienced courteous and helpful staff works hard to ensure your total satisfaction from start to finish. Find out how we can help you clean up and discard your raddi, though sometimes seeing old memories shredded can be rather painful!

If your old records room is overflowing, nobody cared to keep it organised and its now it is your job to get rid of all the old records fast and safely, then we are the guys you can rely on- 100% for sure. Just call us and we’ll send somebody to take a look at the documents, then we’ll suggest the best economical solution to get rid of the raddi fast and efficiently. With equipment that can shred tons of papers in a day, rest assured that the job will be done to your complete satisfaction.

Bound books, files, boxes, registers, loose papers, account vouchers, cheque books, ledgers, continuous stationery, manuals, catalogs, blank obsolete stationery… well just about anything is shred-able in our high capacity shredders. No need to remove any staples or pins Etc. before shredding. If you don’t have space and prefer offsite shredding, no problem we’ll pick up the material from your premise and accompanied with somebody from your company get it to our place for shredding.

A certificate will be issued after completion of the job.

You’ll be surprised to find all leading companies from each sector on our client list –
Manufacturing – Large corporate houses, pharma companies
Hospitality – Leading 5 star hotels
Medical – Big Hospitals
Education – Universities and Schools
Consular – Consulates of western countries
Banking – Nationalised as well as private banks
Aviation – Leading airlines
Government Offices

If you have a big shredding job, please ask for contacts of references (we’ll probably have somebody you know!) and be sure to visit our shredding facility to see how it will be done.