Paper Crusher

We have a paper crusher for small as well as large quantities of papers for destroying and recycling, These machines can take from a few sheets daily to 1000 sheets/min, so your destruction will be fast and in very less time.

Paper Crusher is needed in offices as there are a few sheets to destroy; Though they may be less in number those printouts are very confidential. Increasingly we are printing less papers in the office and overall paper work is greatly reduced, perhaps only if absolutely required we take printouts, well don’t you think we print only the very important documents? Then a small paper crusher is an absolute necessity. 

Most sheets have confidential data written/printed on them. Like personal cheques , credit card statements and receipts , bank statements and many more things like that we must shred before disposal. It is highly advised that we also use a paper crusher at home. If you office generates a large amount of paper work heavy duty paper shredder is also available at SASCO which can not only crush a bunch of papers together but chew through CD's and credit cards as easily as paper! These powerful made in India machines run non stop and don’t require any cooling. They are made from high quality steel for durability and rough use.

A good quality paper crusher which comes in many sizes having different shredding capacity, waste bin capacity, weight, voltage, power consumption and safety features.