Fellowes paper shredder

The world‚€™s leader in paper shredders, the Fellowes paper shredder stands out on performance, with the widest range of paper shredders, you‚€™ll be amazed with the variety rather confused which to buy, don‚€™t worry, just tell us your preferences and we‚€™ll match the ideal Fellowes paper shredder that you‚€™ll like for many years!  
Ideal for the home or office, the Fellowes will securely destroy personal, professional and sensitive documents and files. Compact yet powerful models, these handy shredders keeps waste organised and ensures your documents and files are properly disposed of. Keep your secrets safe with a Fellowes paper shredder from SASCO. Fellowes‚€™ Shredders make it easy to destroy sensitive and confidential documents at home and in the office. Our range of Fellowes shredders which are lightweight options to commercial-grade will help protect yourself and your business from identity theft and fraud.
Keep private documents safe from falling in to the wrong hands with one of the many shredders. Work out the best shredder to suit your needs after consulting with our immensely experienced sales team.

How Much Do You Shred?

When selecting a paper shredder, consider a combination of how much time you spend shredding with how much paper you typically shred.

I want to shred 2-8 minutes with 5-12 sheets at a time:
Choose a Small paper shredder

I want to shred 7-30 minutes with 10-18 sheets at a time:
Choose a Medium paper shredder

I want to shred 45 minutes-continuously with 13-38 sheets at a time:
Choose a heavy duty paper paper shredder

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