Factory Shredder

SASCO industrial shredder is used for a broad range of applications. They are known for their efficiency, durability and reliable performance. SASCO shredders aid in the safe disposal of sensitive, substandard or hazardous materials. These powerful solid waste shredders can handle waste material products including paper, plastic, kitchen waste, drums, wood pallets, cardboard, and much more.

These versatile units have cutters which intermesh at close clearance, they cut, shear, tear, slice, and rip apart a variety of materials into smaller pieces typically in a strip or chip-like output shape that can be further reprocessed or recycled.  

The advantages of these machines is
1. Breaking of big parts into small pieces
2. Volume reduction
3. Ease of packing and storage
4. Space saving
5. Reduction in transport costs
6. Labour, time and electricity savings on further reprocessing
7. No sharpening of cutters

Some common Uses
1) Plastic Jumbo bags/jute bags
2) Wooden pallets
3) Car bumpers
4) Plastic tables, chairs, crates
5) Drums plastic and tin
6) Medical / Pharma waste Blisters, plastic bottles
7) Papers, credit cards
8) Corrugated cardboard punching
9) Swards / chips / small parts/turnings
10) Aluminium/copper briquettes waste
11) E waste computers, PCB, Hard drives
12) Cellulose
13) Vehicle Number plates
14) Paper rolls with cores
15) Diapers, sanitary napkins
16) Glass
17) Kitchen waste

Machines are available in various capacities starting from 3Hp till 50Hp in sizes customized according to material for shredding. Please tell us your requirement and we shall be glad to make an offer to you.

Some common small machine specs