Best Paper shredder

What would define a best paper shredder? A shredder that is trouble free does not get spoilt, works consistently for years, and is easily repairable if needed, right? The INTIMUS shredder fits the bill perfectly. No wonder they come with a 10 year warranty on cutters.

Even in our digital age, paper shredders are more important than ever. Why? Although we talk a lot about identity theft as it pertains to our digital interactions, we all still leave a paper trail that can be a huge target for thieves. Yes, there are still plenty of “old-school” thieves rummaging through trash or recycling bins to find anything they can use to steal from you. So, what are the best paper shredders for your specific needs? SASCO shredders!!! We sell the best paper shredders available, throughout the world. Just tell us what you need to shred and how secure it has to be as we provide machines which have strip cut (least secure), cross cut (moderate secure) and micro cut (most secure).  

Our industrial shredder also shreds materials other than paper like plastic, metal, cardboard and much more. You can contact us to find more about the best paper shredder for you.